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The Animal Protection Society is a 501c3 non-profit which relies solely on funds donated, event proceeds and educational tuition.


The Animal Protection Society (TAPS) was created by Claudine Wilkins, attorney, former prosecutor, animal law expert, and founder of Animal Law Source. The Animal Protection Society was founded in 2010 which evolved after 15 years spent working on animal related cases. 


Animal Law Source (ALS), a division of TAPS. focuses on providing anyone free essential information on relevant state laws, rules and best practices educating those who's job is to protect animals and the public through our website, webinars, one on one assistance,  and live events.

By working together, The Animal Protection Society and Animal Law Source will strive to not only improve the lives of animals, but to educate and enrich the lives humans who also suffer at the hands of abuse.

This work includes: 

  • Getting involved in progressive and protective laws and rules and to speak for those who cannot speak

  • Educate those whose job it is to protect animals

  • Assist in cruelty cases in Georgia and beyond including companion and farm animals

  • Provide boots on the ground when needed for hoarding or puppy mill cases or rescuing abused animals

  • Partnering with other organizations to further enhance their work with animals and communities

  • Educating the next generation so they become protectors, not abusers

  • Helping to increase adoptions 

  • Providing second chances to animals destined for euthanasia 

  • Provide spay/neuter clinics to help make a dent in pet overpopulation

  • Hold The Animal Protection Conference & Expo each year to educate and unite professionals from all facets of animal welfare

  • Provide continuing education for attorneys, law enforcement, vets/vet techs and more

  • and much more!

The Animal Protection Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization and we rely solely on sponsorships and donations to achieve all of the above.  Please consider becoming a sponsor or donating to help us make a difference for animals.

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Some of the challenges we are striving to change laws, educate and create awareness of Puppy Mills, "The Link" Between Animal and Human Abuse, Dangerous Dogs, Inhumane Tethering, Hot/Cold Pets, Animal Abuse and much more.


The Animal Protection Society partners with other organizations and companies to help create awareness of animal protection causes, educate, train and work for change in legislation.  If you are interested in becoming a partner, email us at

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