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The Animal Protection Society is a 501c3 non-profit which relies solely on funds donated, event proceeds and educational tuition.

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Claudine Wilkins is a former prosecutor and renowned animal law expert. She is the founder of The Animal Protection Society (TAPS), Animal Law Source (ALS), the Animal Protection And Wellness (APAW) Expo, and past chair of the State Bar of Georgia's Animal Law Section.


She is the author of How to Investigate and Prosecute Animal Cruelty, numerous articles and is a contributing author for Pet Life Magazine. Claudine is also a frequent speaker not only in Georgia, but nationally and internationally.

Claudine is committed to turning the next generation into animal protectors, fighting animal cruelty, and increasing the awareness of “the link” between human crimes and animal crimes, puppy mills, dogfighting, animal abuse, pet overpopulation, dog bite prevention and other animal-related causes.

TAPS, founded in 2010, evolved after 30 years of working in animal related cases. Since the 1993, Claudine has forged a trail in animal protection and changed how their justice system responds to animal cruelty cases.


Claudine is “the statewide resource” for all GA prosecutors, law enforcement, animal control officers, judges, veterinarians, animal shelter staff and the public.


She drafts laws to protect animals, educates those whose job it is to protect animals and unites those from all facets of animal advocacy to work together to stop animal abuse. Every day, she assists in animal related cases.


Some cases even involve being “boots on the ground” in rescuing animals from multi-animal impounds (puppy mills/animal hoarding).

Wanting to make resources accessible, Claudine created ALS, a division of TAPS, which provides online resources on relevant state laws, rules and best practices.


TAPS provides a resource website, webinars, individual assistance on cases, live targeted training, community education events and the APAW Expo (in its 23rd year and in 2020 boasted over 500 attendees from around the world).


Claudine has built a team of teachers and experts who continue to be the game-changers leading the fight to protect animals and end animal cruelty.


•  Master’s of Environmental Law and Policy,

    Vermont Law School, 1997

•  Juris Doctor, JMLS 1996

•  Bachelor's of Business Administration,

•  International Marketing, GSU, 1994

Leadership & Membership

•  State Bar of Georgia, 1996

•  State Bar of Georgia Animal Law Section,

•  Past & Vice Chair American Bar Assoc.

Speaking Venues

• American, Georgia, Florida, Washington,      and Alabama Bar Associations

• Institute of Continuing Legal Ed. of GA

• GA Public Safety Training Center

• University of Georgia Vet School

• Children’s Health Care of Atlanta

• Georgia Peace Officer Standards and

   Training Council

• Georgia Veterinarian Medical Assoc.

• SafeKids Organization, Emergency

   Management Technicians Training

• National, Georgia & Florida Animal

   Control Association

• International Animal Law Summit

• Victoria Stilwell’s Positively Dog Bite

   Prevention Conference

• Non-Profits Organizations and

   Professional Schools

• Community Events, Schools, Radio,

   Publications and Events

Speaking Engagements

• Animal Cruelty, Neglect, Fighting,      

   Hoarding, Puppy Mills, Abandonment,  

   Equine, and More

• The “Link Between Animal & Human Crimes

• Animal Cases - Investigations, Enforcement

   & Inside the Courtroom

• Case preparation and the Top 10 Things

   You Need to Know About Successful


• Dangerous Dog Law, Criminal & Civil,

   Liability & Prevention Laws, Legislation and

   Cases related to Animals

• Service & Emotional Support Animals and      American Disability Act,

• Roles in animal Cases and Liabilities for

   Judges, Prosecutors, Law Enforcement,

   Animal Control, Veterinarians, Tech,  

   Shelter/Rescue, Animal Behaviorist, Subject

   Matters Experts, etc.

• Animals as Evidence – the Burden,

   the Cost and Best Results

• Emergency Management - What to do  

   with Animals When There is a Crisis

• K9 Handlers Laws and Liability

• Animal Shelter & Rescue/Foster - Laws and

   Liability (Success for Shelters & Rescues)

• Creating an Animal Cruelty Task Force -

   State and Local

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