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Dangerous Dogs - Top 10 Things You Need To Know About How to Investigate, Prosecute & Important Factors Surrounding Dog Bite Issues

Size Doesn't Matter When Anything with Teeth (or a Beak) Can Bite!

Covid-19 has changed our daily lives and these changes have created an increase in dog bite cases all over the world. When handling dangerous dog cases, uniformity is key. These cases pose a serious public safety issue, so it is extremely important law enforcement, animal control, prosecutors, judges are on the same page when it comes to investigations and convictions.

Dispatch, first responders, EMTs, animal shelters, veterinarians, medical staff, and educators all play a role in the prevention of dog bites and the execution of cases. 
This webinar will focus on: investigations, prosecution, dog assessments, victims’ remedies, and the roles all professionals play in Danger Dog Cases. 

Join Animal Law Expert Claudine Wilkins, founder of Animal Law Source and The Animal Protection Society which offers training certification, continuing education and educational resources for the public and professionals. Our Guest Speaker is James “Jim” Crosby, National Dog Bite Expert and Certified Canine Behavior Consultant.  

We will touch on police encounters with dogs, avoiding liability, and why Covid-19 is causing an uptick in dog bites.

Dangerous Dogs - Webinar Information

Did You Miss Our Webinar on Dangerous Dogs: Top 10 Things You Need To Know About How To Investigate, Prosecute & Important Factors Surrounding Dog Bite Issues?  Watch it Here - Coming Soon.

Downloadable ALSToolkits

ALSToolkits Copyright 2020 and Canine Aggression Copyright 2020

Below please find the ALSToolkits and Worksheets:

ALSToolkit: Increase in Dog Bites Because of Covid-19  by Claudine Wilkins

ALSToolkit: Prosecutors Check List for Dangerous Dog Cases by Claudine Wilkins

Dog Bite Investigative Worksheet by James W. Crosby, Canine Aggression Consulting, LLC

If you have additional questions you may email Claudine Wilkins with the form below.

If you have additional questions Jim Crosby, you may contact him via his info below.

James W. Crosby 

Canine Aggression Consulting LLC

Jacksonville, FL


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