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Your pet is there one minute and gone the next. You panic. You search. You call their name. Your stomach is in your throat and you fight the urge to be sick. Your family member is gone. What should you do next?

A Way Home For Dogs is the organization of Babs Frye, Pet Detective and Expert at Recovering Pets & Reuniting Families. A Way Home For Dogs is a non-profit organization located in California, but Babs helps those across the United States who have lost their dog. She tells people to call her, she answers her phone and she will give tips to do right after losing your dog, that can make a big difference.

We had the opportunity to talk with Babs Fry, recipient of the American Red Cross Hero Award. She has had many success stories throughout the years. We heard of Babs when she helped Lee Asher from The Asher House Rescue in Oregon, when he had a dog get lost while he was on the road. Following her advice, the dog was back in his arms in less than 24 hours.

Watch our interview with Claudine Wilkins. And learn more about Babs Fry and A Way Home For Dogs Here:


On a personal note, this author lost my two dogs one day when my front door wasn't completely closed after receiving a delivery.

I immediately called my animal control and they had me email photos of my dogs, one was a giant sable German Shepherd and the other a hound dog mutt. I also gave them all of my info and phone number. Then I printed out flyers and a neighbor and I plastered them all around my area.

I then started driving my neighborhoods. I was panicked and scared, but tried to stay composed. While I was driving around I got a phone call from Animal Control. A person had called in saying there were two dogs behind their house in a field. She described them and low and behold they were my dogs. Funny thing was, I had just passed that house and there were two men outside talking and I didn't stop and talk to them. What was I thinking?

Point is, call your local shelters and Animal Control and get them the info immediately. This way if someone calls, and describes your dog, they can contact you to help get your dogs home. I am so grateful for the Douglasville Animal Control and Shelter. They helped me get my boys home. And I now make sure my front door is completely closed.


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