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I've Found A Stray... What To Do Next

Just log into FaceBook or Instagram and you see post after post of found dogs. With the economy the way it is and the local pounds and rescues beyond full, people have taken to dumping their pets. This is such a cruel act and an illegal one that can bring jail time for animal abuse.

Leaving your pets to fend for themselves, trying to find food, avoiding cars, trying to find a warm place to sleep and trying to avoid predators such as coyotes, hawks and the cold hearted human who would sell them to a lab or use them for other nefarious ways that would make you have nightmares at night.

Laws dictate the way we must behave in society. If our pets could talk, they would say “that’s a good thing!” Certain laws protect those who can’t speak for themselves. It’s human nature to protect children, the elderly, and animals. Every state has their own set of laws to protect animals.


Let’s talk about stray animals. What happens when a stray dog comes across your path? Do you want to keep him? Do you think he’ll find his way home on his own, or maybe you are totally afraid of him?

Everybody may have a different reaction, but one thing is true, a stray animal likely needs your help! The best thing you can do is contact your county’s Animal Control and ask them to come to pick up the stray.

However, the stray will probably not wait in the same spot until help arrives. If you are comfortable corralling the stray, then holding on to him/her until Animal Control arrives to take him/her to the nearest government animal shelter.

Secondarily, if you are comfortable enough, you may choose to bring the animal there yourself. There, by law O.C.G.A. § 4-11-5.2, they will scan for a microchip to locate his owner. The state of Georgia requires all Animal Control & Humane Shelters to scan dog, cat, or other large animal on intake for microchip detection. 

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