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Puppy Mills

The innocent refrain of “How much is that doggy in the window” has become “How much can be made from the breeding and selling of dogs?”


What can be done to end the practice? How can the pipeline of puppies be stopped at the front end, not just the back end?  First, it helps to know exactly how serious the problem is in Georgia.  2019 started off with a bang with more than 1,000 dogs and puppies being saved from several puppy mill operations, within the first two months.

One case involved more than 265 German Shepherds living in deplorable conditions (allegedly, the breeder had approximately 392 dogs in the summer of 2018).  Below are several news articles chronicling this case.

•  Puppy mill survivors: 'He's one of the lucky ones'

•  Caged In Cruelty: Does Georgia have a puppy mill problem?

•  Animal Rescuer: Properties where 300 German Shepherds lived in neglect were like 'third-world country'

•  Woman arrested after 450 German Shepherds found in middle Georgia

•  Hundreds of German Shepherds Found "Begging" To Be Saved From Puppy Mill

•  Woman accused of running local puppy mill pleads not guilty

Another case found more than 750 small breed dogs in cages that were so cramped that the dogs had to sleep standing up. While recuperating in an animal rescuer’s home, one such pup was filmed sleeping in the middle of the room “standing up.” The video went viral.


When word of a puppy mill becomes known, actions to address the operations often happen with incredible speed.

•  Dog's eye removed after being rescued from licensed Georgia breeder

•  Puppy mill owner fined $500k for alleged mistreatment of 700 matted and injured dogs

•  Ending the Puppy Pipeline - How much is that puppy in the window?

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Our founder, Claudine Wilkins, was on the ground during the rescues of over 400 German Shepherds.


Claudine brought her expertise of Animal Law to help bring justice for these innocent souls. On December 2, 2019, the woman who ran this puppy mill in two different counties was charged with 25 counts of animal cruelty.  On December 11, 2019 she pleaded not guilty.

Claudine went on to adopt one of the puppies born after his mother was taken out of that hell hole.  Little Delta - the fourth puppy born, had an amazing home, but he and his sisters have suffered the consequences of being born from a puppy mill.  All three puppies have had to have hip surgery before being 9 months old.

Click here for Delta's story and see his "Ask Me Where I Came From" Campaign.



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  • Call your state lawmakers, local police & prosecutors, and local elected officials to educate them on the facts

    • Click here for toolkit (hyperlink). 

    • Find your state lawmaker click here 

  • Call local law enforcement and prosecutors and ask them to take animal cruelty seriously, Ask if they are working with the GA Department of Agriculture to ensure puppy mills aren't allowed to operated in your county 

  • Be their voice. Report animal abuse and neglect - Call 911 Click here for toolkit

  • Don’t shop! Adopt at your local animal shelter and help to educate others 

  • Spay/Neuter your pet. 

  • Share resources on spay and neuter to other pet owners you know. 

  • Report consumer fraud click here

  • If you suspect abuse by a breeder, file a complaint with the GADOA

  • Puppymill Article by our founder  click here

*our organization does not lobby

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