We continue to be the game-changers who are leading the fight to protect animals and end animal cruelty.

For over 30 years, TAPS has pioneered the way we fight animal cruelty, work in our communities and with the next generation through our educational and awareness programs. Through our Animal Law Source™ program we continue to be “the statewide resource” for all Georgia prosecutors, law enforcement, animal control officers, judges, veterinarians, animal shelter staff and the public.  Every day, we assist in animal related cases including boots on the ground in puppy mills cases and offer resources through our website, webinars, trainings, and our annual Animal Protection And Wellness Expo. We teach "the link” between animal abuse and human crimes (child abuse, domestic abuse and elder abuse), draft laws to protect animals, educate those whose job it is to protect animals and unite all facets of animal advocacy to work together to stop animal abuse.

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About The Animal Protection  Society

Our mission is to be the game-changer and leader in the fight to protect animals and end animal cruelty while providing education and resources for those who join us on this journey.



Fundraising Projects

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization who relies solely on donations and funds from events, classes and seminars.



We need your help because we can't do this alone.  Check out how you can help us protect animals and stop crimes against them.

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Animal Law Source

A collection of legal cases and statutes, comprehensive content, resources, best practices, news, training and other information for legal, law enforcement, veterinary, animal sheltering fields and more.


23rd Annual


Don't miss the 23rd Annual Animal Protection And Wellness Expo.  Coming November 4th and 5th, 2021


The New

APAW Academy

Our premiere virtual school offers continuing education courses for Law Enforcement, Judges, Animal Control, Dog Trainers & more.