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Atlanta Carriage Horse Hit By A Car

An Atlanta carriage horse was hit by a car in downtown Atlanta on July 22. According to an eyewitness, the severely injured horse was struggling to stand but kept falling, and eventually collapsed in the blood-soaked street. The only injury reported by the eyewitness was the horse, the one who did not choose to be there, and did not want to be there.

Please ask Atlanta City Council to ban horse drawn carriages!

Atlanta’s carriage horses work long hours in extreme temperatures and risk collisions with motor vehicles, such as the tragic incidence on July 22 where a horse collapsed after being hit by a car. A crowded, noisy urban environment has plenty of frightening stimuli which can spook a horse. When off duty, these horses do not enjoy social time in a green pasture but are confined to small barren outdoor stalls.

Low speed electric carriages are a humane and sustainable solution for tourists and would provide employment for existing carriage drivers. Philadelphia is the first major city to do so.

Help make horse drawn carriages a thing of the past. Call Atlanta City Council members and politely urge them to prohibit horse-drawn carriages.

Click here for phone numbers:

For more info, click on this video:

Many thanks to Georgia Animal Rights and Protection (GARP) for their ongoing work on this issue!

Stay tuned for an upcoming PawCast with an interview with the Exectutive Director of GARP, Julie Robertson, on the topic of Atlanta Carriage Horses.

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